The best 2019 draft draft scores for all 32 teams


It is clear that NFL teams are drawing smarter and smarter each year, so it is not an easy task to choose the best 2019 draft draft for each franchise. So many teams have done a good job on days 2 and 3 in ensuring value contributors. I particularly liked the way Colts, Patriots, Broncos and Chiefs ran the project. But I wanted to highlight a choice for all 32 teams that stood out.

Remember: "Best Choice" does not necessarily mean "best player". The team needs, the value that a player has presented in comparison with my bulletin board and all the operations related to the choice of all the factors here. The new 49ers pass-rover Nick Bosa is obviously the best, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best Niners picking of the weekend in Nashville. (Spoiler: it is not).

Let's go inside, starting with the Cardinals – or jump to any team below.

Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma (first round, No. 1 overall)

In a nutshell, this Murray choice will define the era of Kliff Kingsbury in Arizona. The Cardinals have decided to move from a quarterback that they have selected among the first 10 only a year ago and they have sacrificed a good deal to do it. But they love Murray so much. It will work or not, but Kingsbury and the technical staff need to maximize the way they use it in the NFL to cope with everyone.

That being said, this guy is something to look at. He makes good decisions with football, shows balance under pressure and throws with precision from different angles of the arm, pulling the ball out quickly with a good touch. And he can definitely drive the ball vertically downfield. All this to say nothing of his skills in the game. I haven't seen a quarterback outlook with this much athleticism and explosiveness since Michael Vick in 2001. It's fun to watch and will fit perfectly into the Kingsbury scheme and David Johnson's capturing abilities. I also really liked that the cards not only added some help in the reception, but also three very different types of receivers: Hakeem Butler is an owner, Andy Isabella is a vertical slot receiver and KeeSean Johnson is a big playing field. The offensive n. 32 of 2018 could suddenly be something special.

Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College (first round, No. 14 overall)

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It was perhaps a little early to bring Lindstrom, of course. But he's a plug-and-play guy and Atlanta desperately needs protection Matt Ryan. He took 42 bags last season and was constantly under pressure. The guard was also the great area of ​​concern. For one, six different players have been on guard for the Falcons in 2018. For two, as in the case of Tom Brady, Ryan needs more protection inside. He can climb but is not good at avoiding internal pressure and slipping when necessary. Lindstrom will help you save time.

The Boston College product has turned its head with its 4.91 launch at 40 yards to the combine and, once added across its length, you can see why it excels in pushing the sprinters in your pocket. He also has excellent lateral mobility, and is very good when he stops at the second level (the Atlanta race was 27th in the fastest yards of 2018). Combined with the choice of Kaleb McGary's team at number 31, the Falcons did a good job aiming for a need.

Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma (Round 1, No. 25 overall)

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