The best Apple tablet costs surprisingly little

Most recently, Apple presented two new iPads. For quite a few connoisseurs of the scene, it is now clear: Apple’s iPad portfolio has a new winner, but nobody would have expected it. It costs surprisingly little.

At the event for iPhone 13 Apple presented one on the one hand completely redesigned iPad mini and on the other hand a rather “smaller” update for the inexpensive entry-level tablet. One of them climbs the throne of the “best iPad 2021”.

iPad 2021: The cheapest model is surprisingly the winner

Surprisingly, it’s not the smallest, but the cheapest iPad. At least this is the conclusion of Scott Stein from CNET, who, like other journalists, was able to test both devices in advance. His conclusion:

“Seriously, the iPad Mini costs more, doesn’t have the same keyboard support, and is probably too small. Last year’s iPad Air is good, but it lacks Center Stage (but if it’s on sale it may be worth buying). And the iPad Pro is great, but expensive.

For 2021, I think the simple, unspectacular iPad will take off. Especially for the price, which normally hits $ 300 during the Christmas season. “(Source: CNET)

You can find out more about this from Scott Stein’s video:

Who could have expected that, of all things the iPad with the apparently lowest “novelty factor” conquered the hearts of worldwide product testers. But there are good reasons for this decision. In the first reviews, some points of the new 9th generation iPad caught the eye in a particularly positive way:

  • Apple just has it Memory doubled compared to the previous model – 32 GB became 64 GB in the cheapest model. Ergo: The new iPad has become a lot cheaper.
  • the Front camera now has 12 megapixels, an ultra-wide angle and, above all, “center stage”, ie automatic centering on the conversation partner within FaceTime calls and other video conferencing solutions.
  • Battery power: The new, inexpensive iPad doesn’t run out of breath so quickly either. With the colleagues at Gizmodo, for example, the tablet was able to beat both the current iPad Air and the iPad Pro (12.9 inches) with a runtime of 10 hours and 42 minutes (video stream).
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The new iPad mini – here in Video – is also good, but the price-performance victory goes to the cheaper brother:

It depends on the inner values

The small increase in speed due to the Apple A13 is the least significant – nice to have, but not revolutionary, according to the testers. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Most of the iPad for the money is currently available with the new surprise hit from Apple. The form factor with wider margins and Homebutton may seem a bit old-fashioned, but the inner values ​​convince even the most meticulous penny pincher. The best iPad in 2021? The 9th generation iPad.

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