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Review and review of the Samsung Galaxy S10e on video

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Design and hardware

With the emergence of actors like Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi, Samsung should have activated its new iteration of the S models. In terms of pure power, the S10e is equipped like its bigger brothers, with an Exynos 9820 and 6 SoC GB of RAM. The model we purchased for this test comes with 128 GB of storage space, but it can be increased through a microSD port (or double SIM).

Important point, The European models are entitled to the Exynos, when those sold in the United States or Asia run on the Snapdragon 855. Although Samsung claims that its domestic processor is as powerful as the Qualcomm, this is not the case, in fact, the Mi 9 with an Antutu score Reference point of 366.484, when my hoods S10e at 316,960.

The American media have confirmed both versions, but the S10e is much more powerful than the S9 and is at the top of the 2019 smartphone basket. While it is sold for € 250 more expensive, the S10e is everything from even less powerful than the Mi 9, but the price difference can be explained by other aspects.

Galaxy S10e Photo Sensor

On a daily basis, no slowdown (except in some cases due to the fingerprint sensor below the screen), the operating system is very responsive and greedy games like PUBG or Fortnite run smoothly with maximum graphicsthis is the case on all the flagships tested for more than six months. It seems to me that smartphones currently have more power available than necessary, which could be great news for their entire lives.

In terms of design, the 5.8 "AMOLED screen is simply beautiful, with a color rendering very close to reality and above all an impressive brightness. As with Pixel 3, what a joy it is to find a compact smartphone and during my Galaxy S10e test, the Mate 20 Pro screen has never failed me. The screen / body ratio is excellent with 91.6%, and is not curved, unlike S10 and S10 +. For the front camera, Samsung was able to offer a screen stuck on an AMOLED plate, and it didn't bother me during the whole test.

Samsung Galaxy S10E

The screen of the S10E is beautiful

Why did I decide to prioritize the Samsung Galaxy S10e test before S10 / S10 +? Its small size, which in my opinion responds to a great need on the market. The dimensions of 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm offer ease of use and are very light. On the finishes, we clearly feel the difference with an Mi 9 or a View 20 for example. The premium feeling is present on this S10e and the tested white version gives it a different look from all the competition. A small point that is close to my heart, a Jack door is in the game, so I have no latency when an enemy dares to aim for PUBG.

The other colors available are black and green, and I really find that the aesthetic is very successful, with a double photographic sensor on the back that barely exceeds. Also the silver outline participates!

Unlike S10 and S10 + they use an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor below the screen, this S10e placed it on the power button on the right side of the screen. This is the first model I use with this system and I find it quite comfortable. A OneUI feature allows you to open the notification menu with a scroll, I liked it in the beginning, but I quickly deactivated, every rotation of the screen I opened the menu unintentionally.

S10E Footprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is located on the edge of S10E

The impression sensor is in the fast pass. If the front panel is not, the back is slightly curved on the S10e, and I find the excellent grip, especially thanks to this compact format, thanks to which we can wait for the upper part of the screen with one hand.

The sound of the smartphone is one of the points that differentiate the very aggressive models to the level of the flagship prices. On the Samsung S10e, it's excellent with a very good rendering. I'm not a sound specialist, but Samsung incorporates Dolby Atmos technology and the S10e has given me the best sound impression of the models I've recently tested. In the package we have the right to connect the excellent quality AKG signed headphones, the purchase by Samsung is positive for our ears.

To sum up, the S10e is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today, but above all what makes the best impression on an aesthetic level. It's always subjective, but the feeling of quality is there, and I like the compact format enormously. Americans are very lucky with Snapdragon 855.

Port Jack S10e

The jack!

OneUI: all in relief

If you read my previous tests, I really like the pure Pixel and OxygenOS experience, but I still have more problems with MIUI and especially with EMUI. To my test of Note 9, the Samsung experience did not convince me more.

On the S10e (and previous models in recent weeks), Samsung has changed everything by starting OneUI, its new overlay. And what a slap! Everything is well thought out.

Every detail seems to have been reflected, and a feature is not there because it has to be there, but because it is useful.

The navigation in the interface is designed for large screens (putting the maximum information down), but it is also perfect for S10e and its small screen. For once, the settings menus are very clear and well organized.

Bixby button

The Bixby button is here …

The side panel available via a swipe from the right is still as convenient as it is to launch apps, access your favorite contacts or other services such as weather. You can even set up combinations of apps like YouTube + Twitter that open directly in multiscreen. He is very intelligent.

It was a flawed point in this operating system, and it's Bixby. The voice assistant with Samsung salsa is not useful when we have already tasted Wizard, and its dedicated button is fortunately programmable to launch other actions, but not … other voice assistants … The French version n & # 39 ; it's for now only in French, but I think Samsung will have a lot of problems with Bixby's development: the recognition works more than moderately and the phrase "Hello, Bixby" doesn't help to want to use it.

In everyday life OneUI adds many useful little features like choosing devices directly when Bluetooth is activated. These small ideas make a big difference from one day to the other.

Even the dark mode is part and is perfectly integrated. The notification banner has room to put a good part of it, and it is managed much better on the Mi 9, which only shows the icons for a certain period of time.

Selfie Galaxy S10e Sensor

The Galaxy S10E selfie sensor

Congratulations to Samsung, OneUI has officially become my favorite coat on Android, even in front of the original version. Here we hear full control of the software.

Photographic sensors

While some competitors multiply megapixels, this S10e offers a double sensor on the back. The first of 12 megapixels, offers an adjustable aperture f / 1.5-2.4, as in the case of last year's S9. The second is a 16-megapixel wide-angle sensor, which opens at f / 2.2.

Indeed, the snapshots captured in full light are of excellent quality. As for the Mi 9, the presence of a wide-angle lens makes it possible to have a beautiful palette available. If you are very close to the subject and want a wide-angle image, I really recommend you move back, the distortion is really visible.

As often happens with Samsung, clichés tend to be more exposed and with more pronounced colors than other models. However the double sensor of the S10e is going very well.

In low light conditions, I am not convinced of the quality of this S10e. It is, in my opinion, inferior to Mate 20 Pro and Pixel 3 on night shots and poor lighting. Now that Samsung has created a superb vision of the OneUI software, the photo processing could be the site to be launched, as we saw on Pixel 3, the multiplication of sensors was not all.

In the front sensor, I find that the snapshots captured are excellent in all situations. There is no sanding of the face, unlike many competitors in the market. Portrait mode is always well used.

Interesting novelty introduced by the new S10: the arrival of an Instagram mode directly in the photo application. In fact, it saves a few clicks and can be practical on a daily basis. But above all it improves the quality, here are two screenshots of a photo captured via live Instagram or the photo application card. Best Dive + Wide-angle = happiness for budding influencers.

The photographic part of this S10e is very satisfying, but not perfect. This is one of the points of differentiation with S10 and S10 +, which benefit from a triple sensor.


It was a negative point for this Galaxy S10e and is at the level of its autonomy. The smartphone is compact, its battery even with 3100 mAh on the counter. Despite software additions such as night mode, the S10e holds a day, a great maximum.

I have read some tests of the S10 and it seems that the autonomy is not crazy, even if it is better on the S10 +. In my days of classic use, I often came to less than about 15% at 22h, which is not the case for direct competitors like the Mi 9. I find the same feeling with the Pixel 3, which was even worse at that level.

Samsung S10E wireless charging

S10E offers reverse wireless charging

Of course, being alert, you'll take care of the day, but I don't have full confidence in my smartphone for intensive use, as in the case of Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 6T or even Mi 9.

Charging takes place via a USB-C port and wireless (inverted) charging is the part. A quick charger is provided in the package and you can recover about half the battery in half an hour, which is quite good.

My opinion on the Samsung Galaxy S10e

For me, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is simply the best compact smartphone on Android. It is much more powerful than Pixel 3, even if the photo is set back. Sold for € 759, it is already well positioned for the quality of its materials, and when its price starts to fall (should be found at a cheaper price very quickly) it will become an excellent choice.

With better autonomy, Samsung could have made a complete box on this segment. I also wonder about the positioning of the classic S10 in the range, personally I would recommend opting for S10e or S10 + as needed. The power of S10e and its format are its two strengths. It is a real pleasure to find a more compact smartphone every dayif this S10e had been more autonomous, it would have become my main smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Retail price: € 759

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Value for money

9.0 / 10

We like it

  • The design
  • The compact format
  • OneUI
  • The screen


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