The best creative islands to practice building and editing on Fortnite –


Take a look at our selection of the best creative islands to train and warm up under construction on Fortnite Battle Royale.

A few weeks ago, you had to go to the Playground mode to warm up or practice the construction. Despite the efforts of Epic Games to optimize this mode, you did not have the opportunity to register your courses and therefore waste time.

But thanks to the creative mode that appeared for season 7, you no longer have this problem. In addition, you can allow strangers to track paths for you with the codes you can enter.

These courses designed by the players will allow you to warm up easily, but you can improve your game mechanics, both the construction itself and the changes, for example.

Without further delay, discover our three card selections for training. Do not hesitate to suggest us your best courses on social networks so that we also share them on this article!

Modification, construction and aiming (by Noizeeh)

  • Code: 7673-1342-9053
  • Type: fast (3-5 minutes)

Modification, construction and aiming (by Martoz & Noizeeh)

  • Code: 3939-9108-1428
  • Type: fast (3-5 minutes)

Edit (by Fledermoys)

  • Code: 4396-2961-2748
  • Type: long (15-20 minutes)


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