The best FIFA 21 ICONS: averages and ratings of the best players in history

Through this list you will know all the FIFA 21 Icons of former stars that still have a lot to say in your next games and that will contribute to making a champion team.

The Icons will also be present in FIFA 21Classic footballers who come back to life for our games in this new installment of the biggest football title on the market and you are sure to want to know those evaluations of the best players in history.

If you like football, you will no longer have any excuse to meet everyone FIFA 21 icons, among the more than 100 that have been promised for this new installment, and we already know the valuations of the most illustrious.

Although all the Icon players who will be present in FIFA 21 are already known, only the best of us know their different ratings, so get ready to get each of these cards.

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The best FIFA 21 ICONS: averages and ratings of the best players in history

First we put an official image with all the Icon cards that you will find in FIFA 21:

And now all the confirmed ratings for Icon-type cards that represent the best footballers in history:

Petr Cech – 86 | 91 | 88

The Czech goalkeeper that you will remember very well from his time at Chelsea in one of the golden ages of the English team, although he retired at Arsenal. Right now he plays on an ice hockey team.

Ashley Cole –  85 | 89 | 87

Another of the English defenders that you surely remember, one of the best defenders of his generation and who was in teams like Chelsea or Arsenal.

Philipp Lahm – 89 | 91 | 87

German left back who also played in the right or inside right zone, and who gave his best at Bayer Munich.

Nemanja Vidic – 85 | 90 | 88

You may know him less because he was in an Italian league when he was in the doldrums, but this Serbian central defender was performing very well at Inter Milan.

Bastian Schweinsteiger – 87 | 91 | 89

German midfielder who was close to reaching the Spanish league, but who finally decided to go to the Chicago Fire in the United States and who stands out for being an international for 12 years with the German team facing Spain on several occasions.

Xavi –  88 | 93 | 90

Xavi Hernández is one of the great Spanish midfielders in all of its history, a player trained in the Barcelona youth academy and who practically led a team to dominate both the Spanish league and Europe, and who also contributed to the recent successes of the Spanish team.

Eric Cantona –  85 | 90 | 87

The great Eric Cantona retired many years ago, the French footballer who played as a striker for Manchester United and who you will remember for his great goals and also for a mishap with the public.

Samuel Eto’o – 87 | 92 | 90

The Spanish nationalized Cameroonian striker who has played as a striker in practically all the great teams, among which Real Madrid and Barcelona stand out.

Fernando Torres – 85 | 91 | 88

Fernando Torres recently retired and already has an Icon card, one of the great national footballers born in Fuenlabrada and who has gone through great teams such as Atlético de Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Ferenc Puskas – 89 | 94 | 92

Although you surely did not see him play, Puskás is one of the great footballers that football has given, historic Real Madrid.

This way you know who are the best players in history in FIFA 21 thanks to its Icons cards that you will be able to enjoy.

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