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Andrei Kuraev: "The excess of vanity"

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The demon of glamor, apparently, has attracted a 39-year-old archpriest and abbot of the Church of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of all those who suffer" to Tver Vyacheslav Baskakov. The priest, not indifferent to all that is beautiful, was praised on social networks with photos that the socialite would have envied: Louis Vuitton slippers, bags and suitcases of the same brand, as well as new pairs of Gucci shoes.

The deacon Andrei Kuraev, in a conversation with "MK", ​​urged not to draw hasty conclusions: it is not a fact that the shoes belong to the priest. However, even with a superficial examination of Baskakov's reports (on Friday he was actively cleaning his pages), it was discovered that he still wears branded shoes.

The best of glamor attracted: the priest Baskakov angered people with Vuitton's slippers

Photo: personal archive.

The interest in the personal pages of the ordinary priest appeared a few days after images of expensive shoes and bags were discovered there. It turned out that even in the summer a church minister boasted of the purchases he had made during his trip to St. Petersburg. "Envious" found on the pages of Baskakov as much as four pairs of expensive shoes, as well as bags and other accessories. For example, in one of the photographs, a pair of moccasins that come out of a priest's clothes, which are sold for 67 thousand rubles.

Photo: personal archive.

As soon as the scandalous photographs became available to the public, the Archpriest hastened to remove most of his accounts. On the page of the parish of the church in which Baskakov is the prior, on 4 November a message was published that the priest fell ill and will return to his duties only on 10 December.

According to deacon Andrei Kuraev, it is premature to judge only from photographs taken in summer:

– It is possible that this is the usual absurdity of the gadget era, when a person is photographed against the background of another machine, for example. Perhaps the same thing here – being in the shop, the priest tried with these shoes. This does not mean that he bought and wears it. "I have not seen such arguments yet," Kuraev said.

Photo: personal archive.

At the same time, Kuraev explained that previously Baskakov entered his field of vision.

– He is a man whose presence is still excessive vanity and yearning to collect false scientific titles. There is one such characteristic in it, "said the deacon, adding that" however, this is only the case where you need to put a smiley face … "

On the avatar of the messenger Baskakov there is a picture where you can see the good quality shoe sock with a branded strap from under the robe. By the way, even with a quick review of the biography of Baskakov, it is clear that, in fact, it is full of all sorts of titles and titles. For example, the website of the diocese of Tver states that Baskakov was decreed by the president of the inter-regional humanitarian scientific committee. KP Pobedonostsev, Scientific Secretary of the Research Center for the History of the Church and Orthodox Culture. Vice versa Bolotov, Interreligious Councilor of Russia, Member of the Bureau of the National Union of Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

By the way, according to Kuraev, three years ago, Baskakov also founded his small massage parlor in the Pobedonostsev committee.



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