"The best sedan for 150,000 rubles": About the merits of the Toyota Camry SV40 told to the blogger – RIA "VladTime"


The motorist talked about all the pros and cons of the legendary Toyota Camry in the body of the SV40 in the tight circles of the legendary Toyota Camry.

It was with this model that at the end of the 1990s the reduction in the production cost of Toyota cars began in the global market and, despite its relatively low cost, this "Camry" is still able to surprise. The car's appearance is not anything exceptional – it seemed like most of the sedans appeared in a wide lap at that time. The SV40 engine line offered two engines: the 4S, which was famous for its high oil consumption and the 140 hp 3-horsepower, which is ideal for various modifications. In most cases, when using the tuning of this particular engine, you increase the power to 180 hp.

The fuel consumption of a used Toyota Camry can unpleasantly surprise the driver if it is not unfair for car maintenance, but if you change the filter in time and perform maintenance, the engine will burn no more than 9-10 hours. liters per cent in city mode, according to the blogger, "just a fairy tale" – 6-7l / 100 km. The motorist has called the salon a rather boring old Camry, but it is difficult to attribute it to the inconveniences of the model: everything is in place, nothing stands out, no buttons and levers. The driver finds retractable cup holders and, in general, an excellent ergonomics a lucky discovery: "Hi guys from Avtovaz, Toyota is back in the nineties!".

The impressions on a Toyota Camry SV40 are purely positive, reliable and high quality suspensions that perfectly match the irregularities of the road and the 4WS system helps the car to perform laps at maximum speed. After having listed all the positive aspects of the car, the blogger turned to the main point, at its price: "Now this machine costs really fun money.In the secondary market there are models for 105 thousand rubles, but I recommend to do not save and throw 50-60 thousand at the top and take the car in good condition.This is the usual reliable car that will take you with the necessary comfort.The best sedan for 150,000 rubles!




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