The best series of the week: Poker face, the harsh glory of Lyonne

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Poker Face arrives in Spain with eight months late. When we had already gotten used to having everything and having it now (and legally), the latest reconfigurations of the audiovisual panorama have meant that some series, even some very good and relevant series, take a long time to premiere in Spain. That has happened with Poker Face, which is a very good and relevant series. We already have it here, on SkyShowtime.

Created by Rian Johnson, Poker Face is a very peculiar update of the classic Colombo. There are many things about that mythical detective in the new series: from the honesty of his approach (Poker Face It is a fiction that knows it is a fiction) to the peculiar voice of its protagonist. That no one before has directly connected the dictions of Peter Falk and Natasha Lyonne it seems impossible. It had to be Lyonne and Johnson themselves, responsible for the successful Daggers in the back (and husband of Karina Longworth, queen of podcasting cinema), those who draw that line.

Poker Face is Nastasha Lyonne on the same level as Russian doll era Natasha Lyonne. With his attitude halfway between Lina Morgan and Slash from Guns N’Roses, Lyonne is very comfortable in characters that only she can play. The Nadia of Doll and Charlie Poker Face They have things in common. To begin with, both have a supernatural power. Nadia’s was to live in a Kafkaesque time loop (more than a superpower, a super bitch); Charlie’s is knowing when someone is lying by looking at their face. It never fails but, for whatever reason, that rather than fixing his life ruins it. And then a series of catastrophic misfortunes forces her to have to use her gift to survive. Marvel’s mutants saw how their ultra-abilities turned them into outcasts and freaks. That happens to Charlie too, but without cool suits or options to save the world. She has enough to save herself.

In Orange is the New Blackconsidered the reset of his career, Natasha Lyonne He demonstrated his incredible ability to turn chaotic and disastrous characters into fun and endearing characters. Delighted to have thus re-accessed to a stardom that he was on the verge of achieving before he was 20the 44-year-old Lyonne now capitalizes on her gifts as an actress: no one smokes and drinks like her, no one cuts hair like her, no one talks to herself like her, and only she can wear that hairstyle and not let condors and storks nest in it. .

Only Natasha Lyonne does what Natasha Lyonne does so well and that’s why it doesn’t bother at all that it’s so clear that so much Russian doll as Poker Face They are series made to measure. How can they not be, if she produces and stars in them. She also directs and writes some of the episodes of it. And that short edge crowned by an indescribable red hair-wig is an author with capital letters. If all the products tailored to her protagonists were like Poker Facewe viewers would be very happy.

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