The BiBox for vocational training


Term 02/23/2021, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Speakers Mr. Nikolaos Kakanis, Mr. Marcus Jähner
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It couldn’t be more convenient: In the BiBox 2.0 you will find extensive material for your lessons. In the webinar you will get to know the basic functions.

We will show you how you can prepare your lessons digitally or create your own digital textbook with just a few clicks. You do not need any prior technical knowledge and you can also ask us questions in the chat.

The many advantages for you as a teacher at vocational schools:

· Digital teaching materials – legal and usable at any time

· Easily integrate your own materials

· Can be used offline on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android tablets

· Online version available for other operating systems or smartphones


Nikolaos Kakanis (School Advisor Westermann Group)

Marcus Jähner (School Advisor Westermann Group)

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