The Biden Administration asks for more support from Ukraine and Israel for the "links" between both wars

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The American Secretaries of State, Antony Blinken, and Defense, Lloyd Austin, clung this Tuesday to the “links” between the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel to ask the US Senate to prepare and approve the joint aid law for both countries.

“The conflicts in Ukraine and those in the Middle East have clear links,” Blinken said before a committee of the Upper House in which he defended the request that Joe Biden a few days ago asked Congress to approve an urgent budget item of more than 100 billion dollars.

It includes help from 14.3 billion for Israel and a new package for Ukraine 61.4 billion.

Thus, Blinken added, since “Russia’s traditional means of supplying its army” were cut off, the Russian president’s government, Vladimir Putin, “has increasingly turned to Iran for help” and in return, “Moscow has supplied Iran with increasingly advanced military technology, posing a threat to Israel’s security.”

The testimony of both senior officials before the Senate Appropriations Committee, a chamber led by Democrats, seeks to accelerate the approval of that project at a time when the budget approved last year by Congress for Ukraine is about to run out.

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