The Bidens’ dog is expelled from the White House for biting several agents

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Commander, the Bidens’ German shepherd with a unfortunate tendency to bite staff, He will no longer be in the White House, said a spokesperson for the American presidential couple, who in the past already had to separate from another animal for similar reasons.

“Commander is not currently (inside the White House) while upcoming decisions are evaluated,” he said in a short statement. Elizabeth Alexander, spokesperson for the first lady’s service.

President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, “They are very committed to the safety of all White House staff and those who protect them every day,” he added.

Commander, who I had just returned from a training course, made the news on Wednesday of last week when the Secret Service, in charge of protecting senior officials, announced that one of its agents had been bitten on Monday.

On Thursday, US media reported that the German shepherd, who arrived at the White House in 2021 as a puppy, was involved in more biting episodes than those known until now.

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