The Biggest In History! Once shopping, Turkish airlines buy 600 aircraft


Turkish Airlines will go down in history because of shopping aircraft in the most amount. They bought 600 new planes.

The plan was disclosed by Turkish Airlines ahead of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which is also the host.

It was stated that the jumbo order consisted of 400 small-body aircraft and 200 wide-body aircraft. This means that Turkish Airlines will have a fleet of 810 aircraft by 2033.

“During IATA we will announce the order. With one of the major manufacturers, we have almost completed our discussions. We will order (total) about 600 aircraft,” said Ahmet Bolat, chairman of the company Turkish Airlines, as quoted by Antara. ReutersSaturday (13/5/2023).

The number of orders would be the largest in the history of the industry by a single airline. Their order surpassed Air India’s record order of 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft last December.

The IATA annual meeting, which took place in Istanbul on June 4-6 2023, was attended by around 280 airlines.

Bolat said Turkish Airlines was close to reaching an agreement with Boeing for part of the order but did not provide further details.

Boeing declined to comment.

Turkish Airlines’ ambitious plan is to boost air travel to Istanbul, competing with European and Gulf carriers. Turkish Airlines announced a 10-year strategic plan and growth targets that include the goal of handling 170 million passengers by 2033, up from 2023, by 85 million.

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