The biggest question every pelican player has to face in 2019-20: The athletic


Pelicans have been the most intriguing team of the NBA this summer, but it's hard to say where they will go in the 2019-2020 season.

The arrival of the absolute first choice of Zion Williamson and many other new faces quickly erased the memory of superstar star Anthony Davis from the minds of New Orleans fans and offered something he desperately needed. after the fire in the dumpster last year – a new beginning.

But it won't be easy to replace everything Davis has done over the past decade to bring the franchise on and off the field. The assortment of talent across the roster is undeniable, but how long will it take the franchise to establish a new identity after experiencing so many changes over the past four months?

Here is a question that every pelican player must face as they prepare for the presentation of the new roster and at the beginning of Sion Williamson's era.

Zion Williamson: How good he will be in Year …



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