The Block stars Mitch and Mark accuse the show of having victims


Block leaders Mitch and Mark momentarily skipped Sunday's episode, returning to the show for "bullying" and claiming they had been accused of cheating.

With the competition in its last days, the already stretched budgets of the competitors are now non-existent.

Mitch and Mark had a difficult week – having always been proud of their budget, they were horrified to know that in reality they were almost $ 10,000 in arrears.

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What little money they were able to recover, they had to be spent on the essential: namely, the more than 100 defects that foremen Keith and Dan had identified at home had to be repaired.

But during the Sunday episode, Mitch and Mark had other ideas, tearing off some tiling at the bottom of the ladder that the judges had hated last week, so they could replace it with an option less divisive.

For Keith and Dan, it was a useless extravagance compared to the essential corrections still needed to get the house on the market.

"Do they have enough budget to eliminate the flaws, yet they are there to tear up the cards? It doesn't make sense," said a furious Dan.

"They are wasting money on reconstruction. They don't have the money to do it."

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Keith and Dan entered the house to face Mitch and Mark – and the fight quickly became ugly, with Mark almost immediately threatening to quit the competition.

"They were out. Mitch, we're out. We can't do it. We won't be bullied. Do you know how hard we worked?"

"Well, everyone worked hard," reasoned Dan.

"I don't give a fuck about others, we worked hard," Mitch said.

At a camera interview, Mark said he heard Dan and Keith suggest that he was trying to deceive the competition.

"I felt like a dog that had been beaten, trying to defend me," says Mitch.

Mark appeared defeated after the fight.

"We will ruin it and leave it like this … and sell it this way. Because I don't do it anymore."

A close speech by his partner kept Mark in the game: "We still have a week to do! We have invested too much to leave. Don't give up. If we are forced not to have a property to sell, we will be forced. But we will not give up, we must try to get something that is salable at auction, "Mitch told him.

Speaking to the camera, Mitch said he never imagined it would be so difficult.

"I didn't think it was Survivor. I feel more like survivor of The block right now."

The Block airs at 19:00 on Sundays and 7.30pm from Monday to Wednesday at nine.



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