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On the live High school students

The blocks of Amiens and Clermont-Ferrand, an event planned in Paris


At the Ministry of Education, the feedback from the academies "Take more time than the other days". At 10 am, he reported that a temporary block ended in Clermont-Ferrand. While in Amiens, seven high schools were affected by the movements "To varying degrees". Knowing that you are establishments were closed this morning by decision of the prefect. On the number of 700 distressed schools announced by the UNL, the ministry can neither confirm nor deny for the time being, but stresses that "It looks huge for them".

At the appeal of the UNL, a demonstration is also scheduled in Paris, between Stalingrad and the Republic, at 11 o'clock. The high school students of Le Corbusier, in Aubervilliers, expressed their intention to participate in a declaration: "We Aubervilliers high school students, worried about our future and eager to build it effectively in an egalitarian society, are outraged and we are insulting the current situation, police repression and the threats that weigh on our future ".

They add: "Le Corbusier high school has been stuck for a week and today we are starting to organize a constructive and thoughtful event.At the end of the general assembly that took place this morning, Friday November 7th 2018, we voted to participate in the 39; event that will take place in Stalingrad, at 11 o'clock. We anticipate the continuation of this movement until the complete abolition of the reform of the high school and the Parcoursup platform. We'll see each other again on Monday morning, to decide what to do next. "



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