The blogger compared the SUVs of 2018 and 2019: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The blogger went to a dealer to compare the upgraded UAZ "Patriot" 2019 with the 2018 version in terms of comfort, acceleration dynamics and load capacity.

The review was shared by the owner of the Three Patriots channel. The first difference between the "Patriot" and its predecessor, he called the handles in the cabin, which appeared near each door – with their help it became more comfortable to climb inside. The shift lever is now installed damper, designed to reduce the number of vibrations transmitted to the handle. The cabin ventilation system has been moved from the ceiling panel to the side panels to reduce dust leaks in the trunk.

The front axle of the updated model has been extracted from the UAZ "Profi", the steering damper has been added and now the rotating disk is protected by a rubber boot. The rear suspension springs do not have three, but a two-leaf construction. And the ZMZ-Pro engine has increased by 15 horsepower – now there are 150.

During a trip on an off-road vehicle, the blogger noticed that the grip was softer and the turning radius lower. The gear moves were shorter, which the blogger didn't like very much. In terms of management, he didn't notice any difference.

Then a blogger with assistants brought both versions of the Patriot to the track to test the dynamics of overclocking. First, they competed in overtaking, with 4th gear, at a speed of 50 km / h and 1600 rpm. The updated SUV took the lead 10 seconds later.

But the carrying capacity of the novelty has decreased from 600 kg to 525 kg. Having uploaded people with the same total weight in both SUVs, the reviewer found that the new UAZ had a stroke stop pressed against the bridge.

The blogger summed up that in terms of comfort, the new UAZ "Patriot" 2019 likes him better, but on the cart there are some questions. As a result, the new SUV is more suited to city driving, and for off-road and country trips it is best to take the 2018 version.




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