The blogger revealed the capabilities of LADA 4×4 on the road


The Russian SUV is not afraid of impassability.

Many people, even if they call the LADA 4×4 an SUV, do not really believe in its cross. The YouTube Channel Host BlogOffRoad has revealed the possibilities of a Russian-based SUV.

First of all, the blogger drove on his "Niva" on a sandy surface: the car drove easily along the sand, but drove on a not very steep sandy hill from the third time and from the acceleration. In addition, the owner of the car decided that the LADA 4×4 descended from a very steep slope, almost hollow of a sandy hill, which he easily managed to manage.

It is interesting to note that on a steeper hill covered with sand, "Niva" drove without difficulty and without acceleration, which indicates its good geometric cross. But when it came to a LADA 4×4 mountain even steeper, there was not enough power in the second lower gear: the rear wheels of the car were stuck right at the finish line, so I had to go back and get a good acceleration to overcome this obstacle.

The second time a similar situation was repeated – on a steep LADA 4×4 mountain again "seated" with its rear wheels at the end of the obstacle, but the blogger did not take it back, but tried to leave , struggling to press the accelerator pedal – and succeeded. "The Niva drives better than any foreign car," the surveyor said enthusiastically.



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