The blood of San Gennaro has melted, the prodigy is repeated

AGI – At 17 and 12 minutes the miracle of the liquefaction of San Gennaro’s blood was renewed, patron of the city of Naples. The crowd gathered at the cathedral since this morning was shown the saint’s cruet with the dissolved blood after a full day of prayers.

Both yesterday and today, in fact, the blood remained solid, while the prayers and Eucharistic celebrations continued. There are three dates on which Neapolitans gather in prayer to invoke the dissolution of blood: September 19, the patron saint’s day, December 16 and the first Saturday in May. Last December 16 the prodigy had not repeated itself.

Relief by de Magistris and Bassolino

“The Neapolitan people breathe a sigh of relief, San Gennaro is always with us, but a very hard period awaits us that must see us united by feelings of deep brotherhood”: this is the comment of the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, after that the miracle of the melting of the blood has been repeated. “With the melting of the blood, San Gennaro has done its part, and the delay of one day stimulates everyone’s conscience even more”, commented on Facebook Antonio Bassolino, the former mayor of Naples re-nominated as mayor.


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