The BMW matching model arrives in the fall


E-scooters are soon on the legal road in Germany, if they meet certain conditions. C & # 39; a completely new market for producers, motorized mobility for a few dollars – this is a very nice thing. Of course, even large mobility manufacturers perceive their opportunities, such as BMW. They have recently introduced an e-scooter, which should be available from the autumn. It was developed together with Micro, the inventor of the classic micro scooter.

The BMW E-scooter reaches a top speed of 20 km / h with its 150 watt motor and offers a range of 12 km. It also offers two separate braking systems and is also equipped with front and rear lights. The battery can be recharged within two hours.

If the price remains, it will not be so high. BMW wants 799 euros in September for the e-scooter release. In my opinion, it seems fair enough, even if you look at the prices of recent e-scooters as well.

By the way, not the only scooter from BMW. There is also a non-motorized City Scooter for 200 euros and a scooter for children not motorized in the same way for 120 euros, which can be used for 3 years and then grows with.

On the other hand, the launch of the e-scooter could be a bit unlucky, as long as there is no golden autumn. What do you think of the BMW e-scooter?


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