The Board will explain in the Cortes the management of the storm, something that the PP has also requested

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Shortly after being requested by the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, the regional government has registered this Saturday a request to appear at its own request in the regional courts to report the special device deployed before the effects of the snowstorm “Filomena” . In this sense, the Minister of Development, Nacho Hernando, has advanced that is already registered in the regional Parliament, waiting to be qualified by the Bureau, adding that she does not think she can do it this week.

This is an “open” parliamentary request from the Governing Council, since there may be “interest” in the measures that have been carried out by the Ministry of Development in the matter of roads and accesses, on the part of the Ministry of Education in relation to the teaching activity, from the 112 before the management of incidents or with respect to the health organization in front of the storm, among other areas.

Hernando, in response to the request of the PP for him to appear himself to explain the mechanism of Promotion to fight against the effects of snowfalls, has indicated to Europa Press that “Instead of pitching in” and giving an opinion “once the crisis is over,” the ‘popular’ “are already criticizing with worrying and disloyal eagerness with the Government and with the region. “They are late, because the Government has already registered a request to appear in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, the only one registered so far. You can see their twisted tusks, “said Hernando.

Complaint by the PP

Previously, the secretary of the Development area of ​​the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, José Manuel Labrador, had announced this Saturday that the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Regional Courts was going to request the appearance at the parliamentary headquarters of the Minister of Development, Nacho Hernando, to explain the operation, the forecast and the acquisition of means to face the snowstorm that, in his words «has failed miserably».

This is how Labrador has expressed himself after the urgent meeting of the PP-CLM Promotion Commission that has been led by the president of the popular in the region, Paco Núñez, has had officials from the five provinces and several have been discussed. matters related to the way in which the storm that plagues Castilla-La Mancha has been stopped, the PP has reported in a press release.

Labrador has influenced the lack of coordination between administrations, in addition to the “partisanship” that has reigned when it comes to managing the resources that some administrations have had, which “has left many towns without snow plows or without spreading salt.”

The regional person in charge of Promotion of the PP has recalled that salt has been lacking, foresight has been lacking, machinery has been lacking and, most importantly, “a president who takes control of the situation from the first moment has been lacking. The storm has been affecting Castilla-La Mancha for three days now and Page has not yet shown any reaction, response or wanting to lead the work of attention to the problems that are being caused.

José Manuel Labrador has explained that the appearance will be requested so that Hernando, head of Development, can report on the acquisition of resources, the start-up of machinery, the help that has been requested from the national government, why «Toledo hospitals have been allowed to remain isolated without allowing health workers to take over shifts». “On all this and more issues the Page Government must give explanations in the Cortes,” he has sentenced.

Cs asks for explanations

Given the suspension of classes on Monday and Tuesday of next week due to snowfall, Citizens regretted that the Government of Castilla-La Mancha “has not provided any alternative plan.”

The leader of the orange party, Carmen Picazo, has criticized that, despite the experience of more than ten months of pandemic with confinements, quarantines of children and other setbacks, the Executive of Emiliano García-Page has not been able to foresee solutions to avoid the loss of classes. “Families, teachers and students do not know how the classes they are missing will recover, if at all,” said Picazo.

For the orange party, «it is devastating that the Board has taken to the habit of standing idly by waiting for the storm to pass, as it does with the Covid, without offering alternatives or solutions, “Citizens reported in a press release.

In this sense, he denounced that “in the face of a historical snowfall, the regional government does not apply measures that provide security or tranquility to families.”

During the last months Ciudadanos emphasizes that “it has been especially positive in relation to the development of online education for emergencies in which schools have to be temporarily closed.” “García-Page does not listen to proposals, he is exhausted, he has no initiative, he does not anticipate or react,” Picazo declared.

Citizens have also shown their concern about the roofs and infrastructure that have collapsed in the last hours due to the weight of the snow. “By a miracle we do not have to regret personal injury,” said Picazo, who has questioned whether the Board had submitted these constructions to due technical inspections.

«In short, we see, once again, a government overcome by events, with a paralyzed president, who only knows how to make announcements and propaganda, but who when managing is a zero to the left, as we are checking with the Covid and now with the snowstorm, a Board that never offers alternatives or solutions, “remarked the spokeswoman for the center party.

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