The Boca player most respected by Marcelo Gallardo: “The one he respected the most was Pablo Pérez”

Rodrigo Unravel, former personal assistant of Marcelo Gallardo, revealed intimacies of the current River coach and told who the Boca footballer was who had earned the absolute respect of the Doll.

The Boca player that Gallardo respected most was Pablo Pérez because of the personality he had to play. But Marcelo also respected all Boca players, “said Sbroglia, in dialogue with TyC Sports.

For his part, the current manager of Deportivo Armenio announced the names of the River players who are Gallardo’s ‘weakness’: “It is about talking to young people and also the most experienced, but it was not to laugh, it came close, but up there. His weakness was the Pity Martínez“.

“He also has a lot of weakness for (Gonzalo) Montiel, for the growth he had and how he tried … I think that the kids who grew up next to Gallardo are going to be much better than the others, they are going to make a difference because they also grew up alongside experienced people like Enzo Pérez, (Javier) Pinola, (Leonardo) Ponzio “, Sbroglia continued.

And finally, he closed with the situation of Lucas Martínez Quarta: “We took Martínez Quarta to a preseason in Miami and When we return, he lowered it and then took it again at six months. In other words, he saw something, he did not use it first and then he called him again to enhance it and not lower it further. “


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