The bodies of three people are found in the fire of a house in Ceutí

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The Local Police of Ceutí located this Saturday, around 2:26 p.m., the lifeless bodies of three people inside a house in Ceutí, where there were signs of fire. It is about a man, a woman and a child.

The Emergency Coordination Center was not aware of this event, so it could be a slow combustion, hence no one notified ‘1-1-2’. It was the Local Police of Ceutí, on their usual patrol, that detected damage to a home on Magdalena Street.

Once inside, the agents have requested the presence of the Firefighters of the Fire Extinction and Rescue Consortium (CEIS) of the Region of Murcia, who have accessed the interior and They were the ones who discovered the bodies without life of the three people.

At that time, the relevant judicial authorities have been notified and remain at the scene of the fire. The circumstances under which the fire originated, as well as the details of the deceased, are unknown at the moment. Although everything seems to indicate that it is a marriage and their son.

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