The body found in the Caronia wood is by Viviana Parisi

AGI – Viviana Parisi is the woman found lifeless this afternoon in the wood of Caronia (Messina) about 500 meters from the place where she disappeared. The wedding ring the woman wore on her finger and the clothes she wore unfortunately left no doubt. The body had been found in a wooded area by the fire brigade, it was lying on the ground unrecognizable. However, the clothes, some necklaces around her neck and the wedding ring bearing her name, that of her husband and the year of their wedding, allowed her to be identified. Most likely it will be an autopsy to clarify the causes and when the death dates back.

The search continues unabated to find the 4-year-old son who had disappeared with her. Both had been lost track last Monday when the woman’s car was found on the Messina-Palermo motorway near Caronia. Viviana Parisi had been involved in a slight accident and was very far from Milazzo, where she had told her husband that she would go to buy her son’s shoes. After the accident she would go away with the baby. Personal documents and wallet with money were found in the vehicle.

The searches started immediately but for days without results. Patti’s prosecutor’s office headed by prosecutor Angelo Cavallo has also opened an investigation. In recent days, the woman’s relatives had launched heartfelt appeals but the reports that had arrived had all turned out to be unreliable.


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