The Boomerang of Sukabumi Students After the Disgusting Record of the Prophet Scattered

Bandung – The case of an alleged insult to the Prophet Muhammad committed by a 14-year-old male student is still being investigated by the Sukabumi City Police. They are also investigating the alleged drug use.

It is known that the student surrendered to the Cibeureum Police on Friday (6/5/2023) evening. He was escorted by his family from the Jampang area, Sukabumi Regency.

The atmosphere at the Cibeureum Police Headquarters was crowded with residents from various parties. For example, the community organization Laskar Fii Sabilillah, the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag), the Indonesian Ulema Council, the school and the Islamic boarding school where the students live.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sukabumi City Police, AKP Yanto Sudiarto, said that the alleged incident of insulting the Prophet Muhammad started with a voice recording that was spread by students via the WhatsApp application. Unexpectedly, the message turned out to be a boomerang for this grade 1 MTs student.

“Regarding the alleged case of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, we, from the Polsek and Polres Sukabumi City, have arrested the alleged perpetrator and are currently still under investigation,” Yanto said. DetikJabar, written Sunday (7/5/2023).

Asked about the alleged influence of illegal drugs, Yanto said he was still under investigation. This means that a urine test will be carried out for those concerned to answer the suspicion that this student is a drug user or not.

“(Under the influence of drugs?) We are still under examination,” he said.

Not only about the alleged use of illegal drugs, his party will also explore the reasons for the alleged perpetrators making the content. Several witnesses have been summoned, including two friends of the suspect, family and school.

“The reasons are still being investigated. We will examine two of his friends, including later we will examine the family and from the school,” concluded Yanto.

Previously reported, a 35-second video containing voice recordings in the WhatApp FI status went viral. The screenshot video shows six audio recordings which contain harsh sentences and allegedly insult the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In the first sound recording, he mentions that he was drunk with the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then, the student also said that he was Dajal’s younger brother.

In later audio recordings, he admits to partying with 25 Prophets. Until the end of the recording, he asked how to convert to Confucianism.


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