The border patrol arrests more than 300 undocumented immigrants in Texas


Border patrol agents belonging to the Rio Grande Valley sector, in Texas has arrested the largest group of undocumented immigrants detected in that area so far in 2019.

On Wednesday, McAllen's agents patrolling near Granjeno, Texas, responded to a notification of a large group of alleged undocumented foreigners heading to the river embankment.

As the agents approached, they observed that hundreds of people formed by family units and unaccompanied minors crossed the river embankment.

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According to a statement issued by the Border Patrol (CBP), the officers arrested 289 undocumented foreigners and transported them for the accusation.

With this arrest, in the last 24 hours, the border patrol of the Valle del Rio Grande sector adds the arrest of over 1,000 illegal aliens.

In February, agents from the Rio Grande Valley branch of the Border Patrol arrested more than 14,000 family units and over 2,900 unaccompanied minors.

The border patrol is pursuing migrants detained under the Federal Immigration Ordinance, as reported by the CBP.

Prior to the biggest arrest so far this year, Nogales station border patrol officers working at the immigration checkpoint 19 used X-ray technology to stop three-man traffic on Friday from the morning

At about 10.45am on Friday morning, the agents working in the main immigration inspection lane diverted the driver of a tow truck to a Chevy Silverado for a & # 39; secondary inspection.

Using X-ray technology, the agents detected anomalies in the Silverado's cabin on the flat surface.


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