With a minute of applause and exercising, the members of the Las Barras Praderas gym said their last goodbye to José Luis Espinosa, alias La Jefa, who died after several days of being hospitalized due to Covid-19.

“The supreme Mother of the Prairie Bars, for she passed away, carnal, in the name of God be in his holy glory; We were always very positive, they told us that she was going to leave, that she was going to free her; unfortunately yesterday we received the news at 4 in the afternoon that he lost his life ”, says Paul Villafuerte, founder of the gym, in a video posted on the Facebook page of Las Barras Praderas

“We are happy, happy for him, because he achieved all his goals, he succeeded, he was never afraid of success. Here we are all the Prairie Dogs to tell you a good trip Chief, God bless you, very soon I will be with you, retelling your trainings, your carnal videos, just as we did here on Earth, we will narrate them there in heaven, “added Paul Villafuerte.

In the recording, just over two minutes long, Paul Villafuerte promises La Jefa to continue supporting the kids, to follow his example.

“God bless you, Chief, and these tubes are going for you, up, let’s go up, up, go up; Come on, Boss, throw him doggy, up to the top daddy, you have already made it to heaven, Boss; Come on, La Jefa is already at the top, she took the highest tube and reached the peak of success ”, he adds.

With a minute of applause, led by Paul Villafuerte, accompanied by the so-called Prairie Dogs, the video in honor of La Jefa ends.

“From the Prairie Bars, Chief. May God bless you! ”He adds.

It’s not goodbye, but see you soon

José Luis Espinosa, known as La Jefa in the popular Barras Praderas, died this Saturday after losing the fight against Covid-19.

Through the social networks of Las Barras Praderas, the death of La Jefa was confirmed, after a month of fighting the virus.

“After almost a month of holding on like a true warrior, we regret to share the news that José Luis Espinosa (the boss) lost the battle today,” it is detailed in the Facebook account.

Its members of the famous gym mourned the death and joined in the grief that afflicts La Jefa’s family.

“Rest in peace my brother and may my almighty God give you light and guide your way to eternal rest, thank you for your great friendship, teachings and that example of life, it is not a goodbye but a see you soon !!”, is added in the post.

After almost a month of holding on like a warrior, we regret to share the news that José Luis Espinosa (the …

published by The Prairie Bars in Saturday, September 12, 2020


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