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The Boys: Eric Kripke announces how many seasons this irreverent story will have on Amazon Prime

Once again the Amazon Prime series The Boys generates very positive news for the fans. And the one in charge of revealing it is once again its showrunner and executive producer Eric Kripke who after the most recent virtual meeting he had with part of the cast, the possibility that this irreverent story will have five seasons appeared. This filled his followers with joy, who from now on, celebrate that they will have their superheroes, somewhat crazy, for a longer time on this streaming platform.

Eric Kripke announces how many seasons the Boys will have

Kripke has a lot of information to cheer the fans, who after announcing the incorporation of Jensen Ackles In the third season, he finished by noting that he also plans to add Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the plot, but without specifying for what delivery, however, for him, number five would be a good number to close this series.

“Now I’m smart enough not to publicly say my series ending points. That said, I think five years is a good round number in this case. I can’t say I have a beat-to-beat plan and for the record, I didn’t have one in ‘Supernatural,’ “he said.

With this, it was clear that this will be an amount that will be taken into account for the development of this successful production of which the premiere of the second season on Amazon Prime is eagerly awaited on September 4 and that apparently will bring many new features, now and in their next installments.

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