the brains of American diplomats victims of mysterious phenomena


Mysterious phenomena have been observed in the brains of some forty American diplomats in Cuba. Researchers who performed medical imaging analyzes at the request of the US government, announced Tuesday 23 July.

Between the end of 2016 and May 2018, diplomats seconded to Havana and members of their families suffered from various evils: balance problems, dizziness, coordination, eye movement, anxiety, irritability and "cognitive fog". The United States recalled its diplomatic staff in September 2017 and had them take exams. Today, some have been restored but others remain in rehabilitation.

The study conducted by professors and doctors of the University of Pennsylvania does not identify a cause for these symptoms, but confirms it "their brains underwent something that caused these changes", in the words of radiology professor Ragini Verma. "It is not imaginary", he said before adding that "what happened is not due to a medical history".

Cuba refuses all responsibility

The researchers compared the results with those of 48 comparable control groups. The differences are statistically significant and concern the white substance of the brain, in addition to the cerebellum, the part that controls the movements.

Washington has never publicly established the nature of the phenomenon, nor confirmed that it could be enigmatic "acoustic attacks" or microwaves, as the American press echoed, without bringing any evidence. Cuba refuses all responsibility and disqualifies this study. This "does not allow us to reach clear final scientific conclusions," said Mitchell Valdes-Sosa, director of the Cuban State's Center for Neuroscience.

Researcher Ragini Vergma insists on the importance of regularly monitoring all patients to monitor changes in their brains.

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