The Brazilian international is said to be divorcing after 24 days of marriage. The reason is bizarre

Former Brazilian striker Adriano is reportedly getting a divorce. And that after only 24 days since his marriage to Micaela Mesquitova. The reason is said to be that the 40-year-old former star disappeared for two days to watch the soccer World Cup.

Adriano and Mesquitova were originally supposed to get married on November 30, but in the end they moved their big day to an earlier date, which they also boasted about on Instagram, where they uploaded photos of them signing wedding documents. But now the problems started, because of the football championship.

According to the website the couple was supposed to break up because Adriano disappeared for two days. He reportedly went to the Vila Cruzeiro neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro to meet up with his friends and watch Brazil play Switzerland together.

The former star of Inter Milan, AS Roma, Parma, Corinthians or Flamenga spent two days with friends. Then the player returned home to his wife, but they allegedly broke up with her and are likely to get a divorce.

​Mesquitová has also already deleted all the joint photos she had with Adrian from her Instagram profile. The couple also canceled a planned celebration with family and friends. It was supposed to take place this weekend.

Adriano is no saint. In 2015, he allegedly spent 13,000 pounds (367,000 crowns) on 18 prostitutes to cope with the disappointment of a failed transfer to Le Havre in France.

Adriano played 48 times for the Brazilian national team, in which he scored 27 goals, and in 2004 he celebrated the title of the South American championship with the Canaries. He is remembered by fans mainly during his time at Inter Milan, with whom he won four titles in Serie A.

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The Brazilians defeated Switzerland in the group stage and it was while watching this match that Adrian’s problems with his wife began:

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