The Brest University Hospital is taking part in a global study on COPD, “the smoker’s disease”

Fifth leading cause of death in the world, COPD, also called smoker’s disease, affects around three million French people, with irreversibly obstructed bronchi.

Le CHU de Brest (Finistère) is one of eight French trial centers to take part in an international study on an innovative treatment for the disease. It was launched in 2019 by the American medical device company Nuvaira and consists of an endoscopic treatment of COPD using radiofrequency, called targeted denervation of the lungs.

Reduced shortness of breath

The expected results, observed in previous studies, are in particular a reduction in shortness of breath and the risk of infections (bronchitis, pneumonia).

To be able to participate in this trial, you must be over 40 years old, have stopped smoking for at least two months, have had at least two exacerbations in the past year (use of antibiotics or corticosteroids) or at least one with hospitalization ; have an oxygen saturation greater than or equal to 89% without oxygen, an FEV1 (maximum exhaled volume in 1 second) between 25 and 80%, a body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 35 and follow the conventional background treatment of COPD.

Contact : [email protected], either directly or via their doctor or pulmonologist.


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