The British company 1927 takes the high season


The British company 1927, known in Catalonia for the assembly of The magic Flute inspired by the worlds of Buster Keaton and Lulu who was seen at the Liceu, he had a great reception with his first show: Between the devil and the deep blue sea (2007) won five awards at the Edinburgh Theater Festival. The success has completely exceeded the expectations of the founders, animators and illustrators Paul Barritt and the dramatist and actress Suzanne Andrade, and when they released the second in 2010, The animals and children took to the streets [Els animals i els nens van sortir al carrer] , They thought it would be a failure. They were wrong, because the show arrives tomorrow and Saturday at the Salt Channel in the Temporada Alta festival after 400 performances in 28 countries. "We are always afraid of failure, it is probably part of the anxiety of the artists because we want to do things that people like and that are accessible to everyone," says Andrade. Unlike the premiere eight years ago, now Andrade does not act in the work and is only the director: "It was a joy to pass the show to a new cast so talented and enthusiastic, it also made me thrill again." After eight years, after doing other works and great works, I'm surprised how fascinated he is The animals and children took to the streets how we have surpassed ourselves, how everything is artisanal and the great quantity of good ideas that are there ".

Apart from the creation, the members of 1927 must also manage when to rest a show and the moment to recover it. Now it seems the optimal time to review The animals and children took to the streets, which is performed by pirate children in a marginal neighborhood – played by Rowena Lennon, Genevieve Dunne and Felicity Spark – who conquers captured parks and cats. "It is a beautiful political assembly, and the message has not been forgotten and is still important: it speaks of the universal themes of revolutions, of the rights and needs of children and of inequalities", explains the director. These are relevant subjects for many people, in many countries and many times. "Even so, the work is covered by the corrosive mood of the house brand: As an author, Andrade does not write in a conventional way." I usually start with four or five different places, maybe writing one or two characters, a monologue, a scene that goes through a shop or on the street or a song, and then gradually unite the pieces, "he explains.It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the text goes on stage accompanied by animations and music." I am constantly thinking about how to interpret what I write; none of my texts exists just to be read. We proposed to publish the screenplays of the shows and we said no, because the text is very well integrated with music and animations. I do not expect complete work to be written to share it with the team: when I have a couple of scenes, I bring actors and musicians to see how they fly, "says Andrade.

The animals and children took to the streets It is the second work of 1927 that can be seen in the high season, afterwards Golem (2017). "Our shows make you connect with imagination, the ability to be amazed and childhood, we do not try to be completely realistic or credible and we maintain the sense of play and charm", concludes Andrade.


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