The British Foreign Secretary runs to take refuge in Israel after the Hamas rocket warning siren goes off

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The British Foreign Secretary, James Cleverlyhas been forced to run for cover after rocket warning alarms went off during a visit to southern Israel following the Hamas massacre.

In a video broadcast on social networks, the head of Foreign Affairs is seen running into a building in Ofakim followed by a crowd of people while sirens warned of an imminent rocket attack.

Israel’s official X account, managed by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assured that it was the “reality” with which its people live daily.

Ofakim, located in southern Israel and whose population exceeds 30,000, was attacked by Hamas terrorists on Saturday and liberated by security forces on Sunday.

Cleverly had arrived in the country a few hours earlier to demonstrate the UK’s “unwavering solidarity” with Israelis following the Hamas terrorist attacks last Saturday.

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