The British Government gives the green light to the largest oil field in the North Sea: "It will help protect us against tyrants like Putin"

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The British Government has given the green light to the largest oil field yet to be exploited in the North Sea. The announcement comes a week after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak partially renounced Boris Johnson’s commitments to meet the goal of “zero emissions” by 2050.

It is estimated that in total, the Rosebank oil field, 130 kilometers from the Shetland Islands in Scotland, could produce up to 500 million barrels of oil (which once burned would emit the CO2 equivalent of 56 coal-fired power plants in a year). .

The new wells will be capable of producing 8% of the oil for domestic consumption in the British Isles in 2030. Commercial exploitation will be carried out by the companies Equinor and Suncor and Siccar Point Energy.

“As we transition to renewables, we are still going to need oil and gas, and it makes sense for us to use our own resources,” he said. Rishi Sunak. “Such a project will help us insure ourselves against tyrants like Putin.”

The decision has been criticized as “frustrating” by Chief Minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Humza Yousaf and criticized as “morally obscene” by the Green Party. Greta Thunberg joined the “Stop Rosebank” campaign and warned the British Government that the hundreds of new licenses for oil and gas exploitation in the North Sea clash head-on with the goal of “zero emissions.”

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