The British Home Secretary assures that uncontrolled immigration is "an existential risk" for the West

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The British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has created a stir during her time in Washington by proclaiming that uncontrolled immigration is “an existential risk” for the West. Braverman, 43, the daughter of immigrants of Indian origin born in Kenya and Mauritius, has gone even further and has stated unequivocally that “multiculturalism has failed.”

The controversial Secretary of the Interior has been accused by Amnesty International of “cynicism and xenophobia” for ensuring that the UN Refugee Convention is outdated and for denying that those persecuted for homosexuality in their countries of origin have the right to benefit from the right of asylum.

“The world we live in is completely different from that of 1951,” declared Braverman as he passed through the think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI), building bridges between the Conservative Party and the American hard right.

The promoter of the controversy Ruanda planto deport immigrants pending asylum requests to the African country, declared that the United Kingdom’s position (paralyzed at the time by the European Court of Human Rights) is “increasingly supported by other countries.”

Braverman referred to what happened on the Italian island of Lampedusa on September 12, with the arrival of 120 boats with 5,000 irregular immigrants from Tunisia… “In 48 hours, the number of ‘illegals’ exceeded that of the population local, on September 20 they reached 11,000 and the immigrants began to sleep on the street, steal food and confront the Police.

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