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The British minister has defined the consequences of the possible resignation in May

According to the head of the Ministry of Finance of Great Britain, the resignation of Theresa May will not solve the problems with Brexit

Photo: Andrew Yates / Reuters

The United Kingdom must find a way to get out of the European Union neatly and not try to overthrow Prime Minister Teresa May. On this the United Kingdom Finance Minister Philip Hammond he stated in an interview with Sky News.

Answering a question about media reports, which recently released information about the conspiracy against Mey and the Prime Minister decided to "get out of the way", the head of the department said, "No. I don't think so."

According to him, the change of the prime minister will not help the country. "To speak of the change of players in the management, to be honest, at the present time would be a suicide. It concerns the future of the country", he concluded.

The minister noted that the authorities must find an answer to the question of which specific version of Brexit would be acceptable to the parliament, as well as to understand what further steps the parliament would accept in order to avoid an economic disaster that Brexit faces without an agreement.

Hammond was asked if he was trying to force deputy May David Linddington to take over as head of the interim government. "This is not the point. I think we will not be able to get the majority in an agreement with the prime minister on Brexit, and if so, then the parliament will have to decide not only what is contrary, but also what it represents ". – he stressed.



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