The British Parliament passes the controversial law on immigration

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The British Parliament adopted in the early hours of Tuesday a controversial law on immigration that plans to prevent migrants arriving at the United Kingdom illegally can request asylum in the country.

The text is a key initiative for the prime minister Rishi Sunak (conservative), who made it a priority to combat irregular immigration.

The president promised to “stop” the arrivals of migrants through the English Channel, through which more than 45,000 people reached the English coast irregularly aboard small boats in 2022. So far this year, more than 13,000 arrivals have been recorded.

The law provoked numerous criticisms in the United Kingdom and also from international organizations such as the UN, which on Tuesday considered that it goes against international law.

The legislation is “in contradiction” with the UK’s obligations under international human rights and refugee law, the respective heads of the UN agencies responsible for these issues said in a statement. Volker Turk y Philip Grandi.

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