The British press assures that London will send instructors to Ukraine

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The British press claims this Sunday that the Secretary of Defense, Grant Shapps, is preparing a plan to send British instructors to Ukraine to train its military. This announcement represents a great novelty in the approach that Ukraine’s allies had given to military aid to the invaded country.

Until this moment, this support had translated into the training of soldiers and officers on British soil and the sending of war material. Now it will be the British who go to Ukrainian territory to train the Ukrainians in their baseseven at the risk of causing casualties due to possible Russian attacks.

Shapps also expressed his desire to involve the British navy in protecting commercial vessels in the Black Sea and encouraged British defense companies to establish operations in Ukraine, although at no point did he specify how he would do this.

Since the beginning of the war, there has been a constant arrival of former military personnel and Western instructors as volunteers to Ukraine, especially from the United Kingdom and the United States. This would be the first time they act under the mandate of a state allied to Ukraine, with the risks that entails.

Although the front has seen little change in recent weeks, both contenders are sending the best they have to the trenches as the bloodiest battles of the war unfold at a decisive moment.

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