The British Prime Minister is named after the conservative vote


Boris Johnson is largely inclined to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when the ruling Conservative Party appoints its new leader on Tuesday.

Mr. Johnson is the favorite to take over the party after a six-week race that was reduced to Mr. Johnson against Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Party officials will announce the result after 160,000 votes have been counted by conservative party members across the country.

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The new leader will replace Theresa May at Downing Street on Wednesday after hosting her last questions from the Prime Minister and resigning to the queen. Then they will visit the queen and be asked to form a government, before the moving trucks arrive to exchange the furniture at number 10.

Brexit was the key issue in the leadership contest, with polls showing that members of the conservative party favored Mr. Johnson as the right person to manage Brexit.

YouGov data shows that he is the most popular conservative politician and that 68% of conservative members were more interested in Brexit plans than in domestic politics. More than half said he would vote for a good Brexit plan even if internal politics were missing.

Both Mr. Hunt and Mr. Johnson refused to exclude a Brexit, although Mr. Johnson is considered more of a tough Brexiteer.

Mr Johnson's campaign sought to portray an optimistic picture of post-Brexit Britain, although it has been criticized for lacking details. Mr. Hunt has portrayed himself as a pair of safe hands to support the Brexit process although some believe his managerial style is not so inspiring.

Numerous cabinet ministers, including Chancellor Philip Hammond, international development secretary Rory Stewart and justice secretary David Gauke, have stated that they will resign rather than serve under Mr. Johnson to protest against his approach to Brexit.

The leadership contest comes after Theresa May announced that she would resign last month after failing to approve the withdrawal agreement with the EU in the British parliament.

The new leader will have to face an enormous task of trying to put together a Brexit agreement in which the parliament is completely divided on how the new relations with the EU should be. The conservative party lacks a general majority and most members of the House of Commons oppose the exit from the United Kingdom without an agreement.

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