Technology The British supercar inspired by Formula 1

The British supercar inspired by Formula 1

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50: The English supercar inspired by Formula 1

Officially presented last August and scheduled for 2022, the Gordon Murray Automotive is a wonderful tribute to Formula 1 and more specifically to the McLaren team.

Gordon Murray, mechanical engineer and former Formula 1 team technical director, recently founded the Gordon Murray Automotive brand, determined to make his mark in a prestigious industry. Since 2017, the manufacturer based in Shalford in the United Kingdom has continued to prepare for its arrival in the supercar market. This will now be done with the imminent arrival of their very first model, soberly called T.50, in reference to the 50th model created by Gordon Murray during his career.

First of all, its design pays homage to the 1993 McLaren F1, with its two top-opening side doors and very sleek styling. Inside, everything has been reduced to its strict minimum with a central driving position, like an invitation to experience the road rather than being subjected to it behind the wheel of the racing car.

Since indeed, if the exterior is visually stunning, the engine that the T.50 embeds is no less impressive: 3.9L V12 engine to develop 663 horsepower and reach 11,500 rpm! Enough to make the naturally aspirated engine scream when it tows the car of (only) 986 kilograms.

In addition to this version offered in a limited edition of 100 copies (all sold in just 48 hours) and 2.36 million pounds excluding tax, Gordon Murray Automotive has also announced an “S” version, planned for the circuit and limited to only 25 copies, which will be sold for 3.1 million pounds excl. Discover this Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 through the photo gallery below.


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