The British university will change the meat and blood teachers for "holograms"


The university classes are ready to make a futuristic breakthrough by letting the teachers appear in a hologram that is re-transmitted from afar.

The Imperial College of London will exhibit this technology in a special event on Thursday before starting to implement it extensively.

It is believed to be the first academic body to do it regularly.

A similar effect was used to animate the images of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and other celebrities.

In the beginning, the Imperiale will limit its use to the activities of his business school but he hopes that this technology will become a cliché.

"The alternative is to use software of videoconferences but we believe that these holograms offer a greater sense of presence, "says the director of the Center's Edtech Laboratory, David Lefevre, to the BBC.

"The speakers have a high-definition monitor in front of them that is calibrated so that they can address certain people and look them in the eye. really interact", explained Lefevre.

And more than one person can appear at the same time.

In fact, in the event Women in Tech On Thursday, a panel will show two guests whose images will be broadcast by the United States along with two others who will be on stage. The four are expected to be able to communicate with each other

"Within the budget"

Strictly speaking, visual illusions are not holograms, but neither are they effective Pepper's Ghost used by politicians such as French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi; as well as the entertainment industry.

Instead, they use a technique developed by the Canadian company Arht Media.


"The problem with Pepper Ghost is that it can be complicated to assemble and can cost around £ 150,000 (approx. US $ 195.635) organizes an event, "says Lefevre.

"This is simpler: project on a glass screen and use a background behind it software to give the illusion of depth, "he said.

And according to Lefevre, technology "costs" a few thousand dollarsso, for the first time, universities can afford it ".

To send their own image, speakers must use a "studio" in which to film them on a black background while they are lit on both sides.

Imperial College plans to use two external studies: one in Los Angeles and the other in Toronto, as well as a portable kit invite people abroad to give talks with their students.

In addition, he will try to use his equipment for one of his professors to make a presentation at a school of economics in Spain in February.

In addition to providing a more practical solution to attract foreign talent (rather than having to move them to London), the university guarantees that there is no more advantages

A popular guest can give the same speech in different rooms at the same time.

These conferences can also be recorded and retransmitted later, although in this case the interactions with the public would be left out.

the downside of this system, however, guests are less likely to chat with audience members at the end of the conference.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility that there is one technical problem

However, the imperial is convinced that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

"It will become one of those most used technologies," predicts Lefevre.

"As long as technology works as we think it will be, I think this will become the main trend "he predicted.

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