The British will have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus to enter Spain

The British who wish to enter Spain will have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus from december, of this Wednesday. They will be required to meet the same requirements as non-European countries and it will not be enough with submit a PCR test negative of Sars-CoV-2.

Infections continue to rise in the UK and have already been detected nine cases from omicron variant, some of them in Scotland and assure that there is no link between these infected with Africa.

“We know that not all have recently traveled or are linked to countries in southern Africa, which suggests that there may be community transmission in Scotland,” explains Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

New measures in the UK

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Saturday November 27 a series of new restrictions for England: the mandatory use of a mask indoors (shops and public transport). This measure takes effect this week and will not affect the hotel sector.

He also assured that anyone who has been in close contact with any positive for the new variant will have to comply ten day quarantine, have been vaccinated or not. Imposes a PCR test for all passengers entering the country.

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