The broadcast of January 13: Cabinet discusses lockdown // Escalation threatens in eastern Ukraine // Should the Council of State reform? // Some children’s books are read for generations

Cabinet discusses omikron and lockdown

In the Catshuis, cabinet members are talking about the corona situation today. The infection rates are rising, but the number of hospital admissions is falling. Tomorrow there will be another corona press conference, the first of Rutte IV. We look ahead with political clarity Arjan Noorlander.

Cabinet discusses corona measures

Escalation threatens in eastern Ukraine

Can President Vladimir Putin guarantee that Russia will keep quiet on the border with Ukraine? The West is discussing this with Russia this week. For now, the negotiators do not appear to have come much closer to a solution to the tensions. Russia’s demands are too high for NATO. For example, the country wants NATO to withdraw from all countries that fell under the Russian sphere of influence during the Cold War. Can escalation still be prevented?

Is there a solution for Ukraine?

Should the Council of State reform?

In a number of reports we recently looked at cases that are being fought at the Council of State and at the role of the Council itself. In addition to being the highest court dealing with conflicts between citizens and government, the Council of State is also an important government adviser. Lately there has been a lot of noise criticism on the body: the Council would be too supportive of the government. That is why the judicial role should be removed, according to some critics. How does the RvS itself view the criticism? The guest is the chairman of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State, Bart Jan van Ettekoven.

Some children’s books are read for generations

What does writing mean for children in 2022? In a series we speak to six internationally leading children’s book authors. The third generation of children is now growing up with their classics. Tonight we pay attention to the 88-year-old master illustrator Thé Tjong-Khing. He started out as a cartoonist, but shifted his course to children’s books. He illustrated hundreds of them, including the award-winning Little Sophie and Lange Wapper in Vos en Haas.

Thé Tjong-Khing about the power of a drawing

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