The broadcast of November 28: How do we stop omikron? / Start lawsuit in Epstein scandal / Book about the beginning of the end of the Third Reich

How do we stop omikron?

At least thirteen travelers who arrived at Schiphol on two flights from South Africa last Friday are infected with omikron. There are great concerns about this new variant of the coronavirus.

Israel imposes a travel ban on all foreigners in an effort to stop the spread of omikron. The United Kingdom requires all travelers to pass a negative test before entering the country. Travelers from southern Africa to the Netherlands must take a rapid test and a PCR test before departure. Outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge is not yet taking stricter measures.

Wouldn’t it be better if the Netherlands also intervenes harder? We speak with the World Health Organization and with correspondents Ties Brock in Israel and Launspach Flower in the UK.

Mandatory PCR test or even entry ban against omikron?

Start lawsuit in Epstein scandal

She is said to have recruited girls for the American billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell. She herself denies. Her trial starts tomorrow in New York and will last for weeks. We look forward to this controversial case.

‘Without Maxwell, those kids would never have come to Epstein’s house’

Book about the beginning of the end of the Third Reich

The general public still assumes that D-Day was the beginning of the end for the Third Reich. With his book Barbarossa, British journalist and author Jonathan Dimbleby has a clear message: not D-Day, but Operation Barbarossa heralded the fall of Nazi Germany. The Dutch translation was published last week. We speak to Dimbleby about his “obsession” with this operation.

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‘I was horrified by what I discovered’

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