The Buesa family, standing against the "groupuscules" that now make Bildu uncomfortable: "They won’t crush us"

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The Basque Country has once again been the scene of so-called “low intensity violence” in the last ten days. The last two episodes, with perpetrators still unidentified, were perpetrated in less than 24 hours against the monolith in tribute to Fernando Buesa and the the policeman Jorge Diez and against the pantheon of the Buesa family. A disgusting sabotage in the Vitorian cemetery of Santa Isabel by using paint and feces. “They will not crush us,” he warned. Eduardo Mateospokesman for the Buesa family and director of the Foundation that remembers the Basque politician murdered by the terrorist group ETA.

While the Local Police investigates the events reported by the Buesa Foundation, the president Urcullu He denounced the existence of “small groups” that once again demand political violence. EH Bildu, a partner of the PSOE in Madrid and Navarra, avoided condemnation to express his “resounding rejection” of these planned attacks against a symbol of Basque socialism.

The attack on Thursday morning on the monolith located on the Vitoria university campus and the graffiti and excrement used against the Buesa family pantheon in the Santa Isabel cemetery have once again placed the focus on the links between radical “groups” , in the words of Urkullu, and the direction of EH Bildu. The coalition a patriot which today presents its roadmap in an electoral year in Euskadi, reacted quickly yesterday after confirming the second consecutive attack against the socialist Fernando Buesa and Jorge Díez, murdered with a van bomb in February 2000.

The Bildu coordinator used social networks to show his “absolute and resounding rejection” of these two attacks, which he described as “inadmissible.” The public reaction of room It occurred moments after EH Bildu distanced itself from the institutional declaration promoted by all the parties in Vitoria to “condemn” these sabotages.

«Condemnation is more than a rejection because it incorporates a moral disapproval of something that is wrong. If all parties condemn, why don’t they do it? In Euskadi, words and language are very important,” Eduardo Mateo, head of the Buesa Foundation and spokesperson for the widow and three children of the murdered socialist politician, warned yesterday hours later.

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