The bulls will return to Gijón at the hands of Carlos Zuñiga "in the absence of finalizing the guidelines"

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Gijón is one step away from recovering bullfighting activity in its hundred-year-old El Bibio square: August will once again have the traditional Begoña fair. All that remains is for the new City Council to finalize the formulas, the final guidelines, to give official status to the project and to the fight of Carlos Zuñiga, victimized by the cacicada of the previous mayoress, the socalista Ana González.

Zuñiga has not stopped working in the shadows at a fair with all the main figures -Morante, El Juli, Roca Rey, Manzanares, Talavante…- so that when the new councilors with the recently elected mayor Carmen Moriyón (Foro) the head determine. There is political will and reports favorable to the reopening of the Gijón bullring, which is in the absence of a facelift after the abandonment of the PSOE. “The weeds will have to be cleared,” says Carlos Zuñiga, “because the arena was maintained with the canon for the plaza floor that has not been in these years.” Perhaps the capacity will have to be limited in some area of ​​the square. The dates would be around August 15 for the Begoña fair to shine again in its splendor with a measured number of afternoons, around three bullfights.

Regarding its renewal, Carlos Zuñiga explained in the morning on the Ser chain: “It has to be the municipal technicians who set the guidelines. Due to an emergency procedure, there are many legal formulas for this to be carried out, starting from the base that the use of El Bibio is perfectly regulated in economic terms by activities. In the short term, we must find the formula and solution to give bulls. Hopefully the consistory will value the twenty years of this company at the head of El Bibio”.

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