The Bunkers share a video of “Miño” performed in their unprecedented concert in Plaza Italia

The bunkers released an unpublished record of the presentation they made last December 13 at Plaza Italia.

Almost a year after the social outbreak of October 18, the penquista band remembered the massive concert they held in 2019 with the interpretation of Miño.

The video is accompanied by images of protesters from the so-called “first line” and an emotional moment when the audience sings the chorus of the song totally a cappella.

“We want to thank our work team that accompanied us to encourage the thousands of people who attended and who have been in the square week after week”, they wrote next to the registry and a list of people who were key in the meeting of the Chilean group.

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This was not the only concert that the group gave during their brief reunion, since on December 14 they also performed at the University of Concepción, in a free event that was a little more extensive than the one they offered in Santiago.

In both recitals they performed the most emblematic songs of their discography, being their first performances in five years.

Currently, the members continue to be linked to music with personal projects. Such is the case of the brothers Francisco and Mauricio Durán, who are based in Mexico and lead the band Lanza Internacional. Álvaro and Gonzalo López for their part, they formed the López group.


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