The burned nightclub in Murcia lacked a license and had an order to close from 2022

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The Fonda has never existed administratively.” These are the words of the deputy mayor and Urban Planning councilor of the Murcia City Council, Antonio Navarrowhich has confirmed after reviewing the administrative files that both the nightclub where the fire started on Sunday – in which 13 people died – and the adjacent one theaterwhere the flames spread, had a seal order since October 2022.

Navarro has appeared with the previous head of Urban Planning of the previous municipal government team to explain the administrative situation of the premises. According to municipal documentation, there is only one premises whose owner is the company Teatre SLwhich had a license to open as a nightclub with a kitchen since December 2008.

On June 27, 2019, this company requests a modification of its activity license to separate the premises. On the one hand, it remains theaterand on the other hand, it appears La Fonda Milagros.

The processing of this file to separate the two premises ends on January 10, 2022 and the Administration informs you that it is a “substantial modification” of the license they held, which is why they order the cessation of the premises’ activity.

On March 8 of that same year, the company presented a new project and requested a license for two premises. That project is in the pipeline and has not been completed. Therefore, the closure order issued in January 2022 weighs on both locations.

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