The campaign is designed around the normal difficulty:

343 Industries has created a file Infinite Halo Campaign Taking as a reference normal difficultyWhere the previous chapters were balanced on the basis of the heroic chapter. A development approach designed to cater to those who have never played the series or are not very familiar with the first-person shooter genre.

Character Director Stephen Dick says in an interview with VGC. “Generally based on Heroic, everything has been reduced to Normal and Easy difficulty and increased to Legendary. This time, we spent a lot of time on Normal, as we expect new players with Halo Infinite. Players who have not played this series before «.»

“It doesn’t mean that heroic difficulty isn’t that difficult or that legendary doesn’t penalize as much, these are still elements of Halo, but we spend more time on normal difficulty, thinking ‘what if I’m a new player? Who has already played this series and is it the first time I play this series? Where do you use an assault rifle? “We want these players to have fun and be successful and not immediately find themselves in front of a wall in terms of playability.”

Introduction to Zeta Halo.

Also according to Dyck, the difficulty has been balanced by considering the freedom given to the player in the way he faces challenges. On certain occasions, some approaches will be better than others, but the developers do not want to rule out any of them.

Instead, Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker added that throughout the campaign the difficulty will be well balanced as you continue with the main missions, the so-called “Golden Path,” which follows the story in a more linear fashion. However, players who prefer exploration and participate in secondary activities may find optional encounters particularly challenging.

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Halo Infinite will be available on December 8 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you read our proven single-player campaign.

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