The Cartel Office gives the green light for Großfusion


Thalia bookstore

In North Rhine-Westphalia, there could be relatively high shares of business in individual regions.

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BonnThe Bundeskartellamt has given the green light for the merger of Germany's largest bookstore chain Thalia with Mayersche Buchhandlung – number four on the market. Against the merger there would be "neither from the consumer's point of view nor from the perspective of publishers sweeping competition concerns," said Antimonopoly President Andreas Mundt on Thursday in Bonn.

It is true that the merger will give the market a relatively high market share, especially in individual regions of North Rhine-Westphalia. But with the growing online commerce and a large number of small and medium-sized booksellers, consumers still have good shopping alternatives available to them. "The competitive pressure from online trade has increased steadily in recent years," emphasized Mundt.

For the book publishers, the merger is not a problem in the opinion of the competition guard. Although Thalia is one of the most important buyers of German publishers. Ultimately, however, the market shares of the merged bookstore chains remained at a safe level.

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