The case of pornography .. Surprise surprise by Mona Farouk: Khaled Youssef husband and friend of my father (video)


On Monday, Egyptian prosecutors convened Egyptian artists Mona Farouk and Shaima El Haj to compare them with new "pornographic" videos attributed to them.

On the sidelines of the call, Mona Farouk made her first surprise statement to the audience that Khaled Yussef was a friend of his father years ago when he was young, and then a love affair with her when she grew up and he had secretly married with the knowledge of his parents, The declaration of marriage is not allowed.

After his video was released, he left the area in which he lived because of the threats he received. His car was also destroyed and his family broke up, adding that his mother had suffered from a health problem that had made him hospitalized. His work in which he left the area in which he lives.

He added: "I have been associated with a person who has greatly loved me in recent times and his love, and has taught me to read the Qur'an and pray, and Bnqad has called him a lot of daily in recent times, and is was Ayia Bia and traveled and away from all over the world, and knew all the needs, Is my grandfather Sabni or not. "

In recent days, the Egyptian social network sites have accused a pornographic video of Egyptian artists Muna, Farik and Cheema El Hajj, with one of the people who are said to be the well-known Egyptian director Khaled Youssef.



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